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How to stop a smoky fire


How to stop a smoky fire


There is nothing worse that settling in around a lovely warm fire, only to be smoked out! Here are our top tips to reduce smoke and enjoy your fireside experience.

  1. It is all about the wood - quality all the way. We recommend Ember Redgum firewood which will burn long and hot. Make sure your wood is dry and well seasoned to get that fire roaring quickly!
  2. Avoid adding wood offcuts, leaves or green freshly chopped wood.
  3. Airflow - by adding wood periodically to your fire, and not overloading the fire, it allows for air to flow in and around the wood, reducing smoke, and keeping up the heat.
  4. After your fire has died down and cooled, clean out the remaining ash and wood, to ensure a clean burning fire next time.




August 18, 2022



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